Fun but Scary!!

Since I am really new in blogging, I find it really addicting to go blog hopping and reading all the cool people write about. One thing that I really love is also seeing tags that people place in their blogs. I see awards, personality tests and all sorts. But today, I was able to hop to somebody blog who posted about how much your body is worth when you die!! Pretty scary huh! Anyway, even though I am sick right now, I click on it and took the survey – and here is the result:

$4515.00The Cadaver Calculator – Find out how much your body is worth.

And I took another one…I am having a pretty scary day…

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  • Monday Morning Power

    I have changed the link on the Big Bang master list to this site. However, I don’t see the Big Bang posted here. Please let me know that you have posted it.


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