Getting a Pet

If you are planning to bring home a pet, you would be faced with many choices. Should you bring home hamsters? Dogs? Cats? Birds?

If you are thinking about costs, birds could be one of the cheapest pets to maintain. For one, you don’t need to take them to the vet for shots, their food are not at all that expensive, they are not that hard to maintain and yes, they bring lovely sounds to you in the morning.

So if you have decided to choose birds, what kind? Bird lovers would highly recommend that you take care of parrots. Parrots are among the most colorful, the most intelligent species of birds in the bird kingdom. They are tender, and their beauty added to their ability to mimic could bring joy to your entire household.

Of course you need to find a parrot cage that would match their beauty. These are generally playful, and would be most happy to be in a parrot cage that would be spacious enough for them to “play” around with other birds.

Parrots need to be taken good care of, as they could also be very prone to diseases. To consider where to put your parrot cage is also important. Put them in a place where you could see and check on them often. So, good luck in finding those parrot pets. You will never regret having them. Parrots are among the most loving, fun, and beautiful pets there are!

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42 thoughts on “Getting a Pet

    1. Dogs are okay for young kids but do remember to get the breed that’s very friendly to prevent unwanted accidents.

  1. ate. this post made me miss my pet so much. we had to leave our cat in tawitawi when we went to iligan. and it’s almost two years since i had a glance of him. i wonder if he is still alive. T_T

  2. we have birds at home..three pairs, if they’re still alive until now..haha..but am pretty sure, they are!! yeah..parrot birds..those were just gifts for my mom last year summer from our family friends in Negros Oriental..the birds still needed to travel from Visayas to Mindanao and only the cage looking somewhat similar above was the one used..but my dad transferred the birds in a larger cage then..

    our house, actually, is like a zoo now..hahaha..from dogs, to cats, fishes,,to birds..not to count cows, pigs and more..hahaha

  3. wow i love birds!!! dream ko rin na magkaroon ng isang alagang ibon for they sake!!! kasi nauubos n sila sa kalikasan 🙂

    sana ang lahat ng tao sa mundo will they care the birds that we love the most especially sa mga nauubos na ibon sa mundo

  4. sometimes i’m thinking to adopt a pet to care and as my friends, love, and as a part of my family!!! Having a pet is awesome to someone! I know that all the people all around the world their pets is a Hero. Hero as a pet to sacrifice their life to his/her boss!!!

  5. hhhm i saw a two dogs i know they felt happiness to each other. I remember the story about the dog namely ” putol” this is the story that i can’t remember in my whole life 🙂

  6. Look at the cage I think of my pet hamsters, I don’t have them anymore I used to have 60 hamsters. It starts from two and they have babies

  7. actually, i won’t allow any pet at home but if my son will insist in the future he’ll have one, maybe i should give in. i have read somewhere that giving pets to kids give them a sense of responsibility and they learn what the word care means. of course, i will choose the most harmless one, a fish or a bird.

  8. Birds are so interesting but for me dogs are still likely adorable than any pet. They are like humans too and I love the feeling when I purchase my pet stuffs. Anyway this is just my personal perspective.

  9. I love dogs and I’ve been a dog owner since college. Since I got married, I had to sacrifice my love for dogs and left my dogs to my mom because my dog’s fur might cause asthma or something like that to my newborn. As soon as my baby grows a bit bigger, we’ll get new dogs (smaller ones) 🙂

  10. Dogs will always be man’s best friend. And I have one to keep as well. Well, whatever our choice for a pet, the only thing that matter is the kind of care and love we willingly offer them. As for me, I make sure that I treat my dog as a real family member, giving him what he needs and treat him with some little fancy items.

  11. I’m not really a fan of having birds as pets. I’m better off more with pets that I can really interact with like dogs and cats. I know one can interact with birds but not really intensive and in a different way.

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