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Got a Blog Makeover

Last February, I talked about my new plans for this blog. I mentioned that I will be dealing with new things here. So, as you can see, part of my plans was to re-invent the look of this blog. Thanks to Mommy Carlota of My Web Blog dot Com, I finally got the look and feel for Reviewer’s Heaven!!

This blog makeover is just perfect with what I have in mind. I wanted something personal and simple yet professional looking as I am planning to cater reviewing jobs in the future. I want to be a professional reviewer that will be known for her honestly and credibility. I want to be ethical in every way possible. 🙂

Now that I got my makeover, the next part will be organizing my thoughts and ideas. Aside from that, I am planning to build links and even get followers for this blog and build readership. For that, I hope you can wish me luck and success!!

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