Great Careers for Moms

Moms seem to have a double workload. Besides the major role they play as managers of most households and caregivers of children, they often have to take up more work to keep the family going. This can be strenuous, especially because of the demands that come with caring for kids. Not only must you juggle your responsibilities at home, you also have to meet the obligations of your other job out there. Due to the fact that some careers are more time-consuming than others, many moms tend to look for professional roles that offer them more flexibility. Being able to control work hours is important to many moms as this allows them to attend to their kids without being conflicted. The financial and emotional rewards that a job offers also help to determine if this is a career you would like to pursue. Some great careers for moms are outlined below.

Client Services

Moms with training in areas such as accounts, bookkeeping and legal matters can offer professional services to clients. This career offers a high degree of independence as you set your own schedule and decide how many clients to accept. By keeping your workload within manageable limits, you avoid work-related stress and also get time to attend to family responsibilities.


You may choose to become a consultant in your field. This may be business, design, education, fitness, health, nutrition, psychology or any other field you have trained in. For the specialist services that they provide, consultants earn a good income. The other benefit of working as a consultant is that you set your own hours. Working by appointment gives consultants much flexibility, which is attractive to moms.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapists are amongst the professionals who can choose to work in various settings, both private and public. While some therapists work on a full-time basis, variable work schedules are also common, with many working on a part-time basis.


It seems like healthcare is one of the most demanding fields. However, some occupations within the field enjoy a high demand, which allows you to set a schedule of your preference. Occupational therapists and nurses in private practice are amongst the healthcare professionals who can name their own hours, due to the high demand for their services. This allows you to achieve an agreeable work-life balance.

Home-Based Businesses

There are plenty of business ideas you can explore at home without having to attend business school. These include baking assorted products for sale, day care services, distributing consumer products, making gift items for sale, nanny services, pet services and scrap booking. Once you’ve identified a business idea that you like, you can dedicate your effort to making it work, from the comfort of your home.

Post-Secondary Teaching

Post-secondary teachers enjoy high earnings, stimulating work environments and flexibility in working hours. These are top attractions for moms seeking satisfying positions in the workforce. The post-secondary teaching field is a rapidly growing sector, which posts about 55,000 openings every year. Median annual earnings fall between $55,000 and $94,000. Besides, these teachers enjoy a relatively high level of autonomy, which makes it a great career choice for moms because of the flexibility involved.


Many moms earn their income from writing jobs. Writing offers many moms the opportunity to work from home. This flexibility allows moms to manage family responsibilities while earning an income at the same time. Moms with editorial skills can also take up editing jobs, which are often also workable on a home-based arrangement.






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  1. i would love to go back to teaching if i’d be given the chance again, and if my boys are big enough to handle themselves. hehehe… but i love what i am now, i stay at home and at the same time, i earn… it’s a blessing!

  2. Great article!!! What I do to augment my husband’s income is work from home. I do freelance transcription. The pay isn’t humongous but it’s not peanuts either. All one needs is the ability to type fast and hear well and an internet subscription. Hurray for the internet!!!

  3. there is really no excuse not to have a career:) thanks for everything mommy Rubz, check this out:

    btw, giveaways has been moved next week, join ka ha:)

  4. I agree!! writing and homebase business are the great ones! I wish I can be like you who can offer online services too! 🙂

  5. this is an informative and very helpful post. I am a stay home mom and I make myself busy during free time by working through ptc sites and joining online contests/raffles. I want to make my surfing time efficient and worth it.

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