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Hard Up Times during Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with Bella Grace, we had a financially difficult year. There were times that I wasn’t able to visit my OB doctor or even take prenatal vitamins. It was very difficult that there were times that we only ate rice two times a day (lunch and dinner). When breakfast comes, we only eat bread and drink milk.

Anyway, when Bella was delivered into this world, I was very thankful to God that she turned out to be healthy and normal. She was 3.5 kilos when I gave birth to her and has the healthiest cry as far as the doctor said. Hooray for Bella!

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  • BastiSimonandSam

    We call our difficult time, our Pursuit of Happyness days. After the rain, the sun shines again and we may even see a rainbow in the sky. In your case, you were gifted with a most wonderful treasure, Baby Bella! You have a very cute baby!!!

  • Callista | Catered chalets

    It was really very difficult time which you spent with your baby. There is old saying that after every dark night a shiny morning comes.

  • Mommy Lace

    Thanks for sharing this story. I feel very blessed that even when the funds are not overflowing, I and the baby are still healthy and can still take prenatal vitamins and milk.

    There are really lots of things to be grateful for 🙂

  • valentine gifts

    🙄 Bounce on an exercise/birthing ball. It really relieves some tension in the lower back.I have the worst back aches and it has helped me so much! Or have someone massage those areas and maybe apply a heating pad or fill a tube sock with rice, nuke it and use that as a hot compress.

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