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Hello, School Days!


School days bring me mixed emotions. I am happy because the kids can be out in school during day time, having a productive time rather than just sit in the house, play the computer or watch TV. We just transferred to another city so it will be an adjustment to them, but you know kids—socializing would not be a problem for them at all. Give them a week and they’ll be just fine!

School days on the other hand brings me worries. Our recent transfer has drained our finances and we have to gear up for the school needs of the kids. The daily expenses would surely soar. Like I have to buy new sets of uniforms, school supplies, enrolment fees and many others. I wish I could avail of a payday advance loan!

I have to make a list of the possible expenses now and be mindful of our spending. Mind you, there is nothing to lose when we take extra pre caution in the way we spend our money. I also want to make it a goal this year to save up for a few projects I want to invest in.

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  • dothy

    my daughter is not yet in school but I’ve been hearing from my mommy friends na sobrang taas na ng mga tuition fees ngayon…hay pano pa kaya in the next five years at least…

  • shydub

    Back to school which means butas nanaman bulsa ni mommy for tuition and school supplies. ahh cge lng basta they will bring straight Ace

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