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Home Loans Wanted for a Dream House

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I have been living here in Bacolod City for five years now and so far, I am really enjoying my stay. The place is like Canaan to Moses. So to me, Bacolod City is like my promise land because my family was reunited here.

Anyway, early this year my hubby and I have a series of talk to where we should actually settle. So I told him, I really love it here. If we are to buy our own house, then this is where we should have it. After what I said, he also agreed that he loved it here too because both of us got our independence here. We were both free to become grown man and woman here without our parents trying to rule our life and our marriage. We were all on our own!

So after that serious talk about getting our own house, we have finally moved into the issue of getting a home loan. If we are to avail of our government’s housing assistance, we can surely get one already but because we are eyeing a house and lot from a friend, we need to get additional home loans to cover the actual amount.

It’s nice to get a brand new house and lot from a subdivision but we prefer to get the one from our friend. It’s situated at the city’s residential areas and only a few rides away from malls. So getting additional home loans to buy the house is definitely worth it!

Anyway, we are planning to buy the house in the next two years. So definitely we have enough time to look for financing assitance to get our dream house!

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poshpost July 16, 2009 - 9:38 pm

mommy do consider terranova

it is in alijis galing. but daw ka nice sang houses. i think pwede man kamo da ka put up store kay sa iban nila na subdivisions pwede man. kung mauna kamo, then i think you can pick a better location and also put up a store first. 😀


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