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Hopes to Save Up for the Holidays

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Christmas season is fast approaching. So far, the influx of monetary compensation is not yet happening since our workload has not increased thus giving me no extra money to save up for the holidays. I am hoping that I will get a lot of work orders online. In this way, I have money to pay for the bills, our needs and for my children’s gifts.

As a mother, I want to be ready for the holidays. Even if I couldn’t afford gifts for others, I just hope that I could afford to buy descent ones for my children. I will probably get them a new set of clothes and some affordable toys. Bring smile joys to children is already heartwarming. I don’t mind not getting a gift for myself.

By the way, I am currently looking for some vacancy in jobs retail. Some stores might want to have some extra hands to help them this season. I might be the hand they are looking for. The salary I will get will be saved for my children’s gifts. 😉

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