House Hunting Updates

Because of my limited online access when I was in Bacolod, I failed to update you about my house hunting. Aside from being limited, my mind was so full that I don’t know what I should process first.

Here go some few updates. My hubby and I found a nice and descent two bedroom house but the problem is the house is “attached” to another. There are other people living upstairs though their front doors are of a different way. We also saw some houses but most of them needed an aluminum fence installation because the area is too open and couldn’t provide safety for our children when playing outside the house and even for our laundry when we need them to hang dry.

So, we decided to stay at the boarding house but moved into a bigger room since the land lady has agreed to house us together with our children. This can also help us save more money and prioritize what should we pay first when it comes to our debts and even help our daily expenses. Though by doing so, we put our privacy on the line. We have thought that this sacrifice can buy us more time for us to adjust our expenses while I am a penniless partner.

Are you seeing the shocking news somewhere? ^_^

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  • twinks

    Hi Mummy Ruby,
    Glad to hear that your family is complete and together now. Don’t worry about the house, you guys will find the right and perfect one soon.
    Take care :]

  • Regayumi

    Hi Mommy Ruby,

    You’re right that you can save a lot when you’re together. We too are looking for a new house. Good luck to our house hunting!

  • earthlingorgeous

    That is so nice of your landlady to allow you and your family live together, we all need to cut down on expenses especially these days.

    By the way, i have a tag for you here. do it if you have the time. Also I am still waiting for you to join my bloggy giveaway. See you there!

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