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How to Organize a First Birthday Party

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A child’s first birthday is, from the parents’ perspective, probably one of the most important birthdays in their life. It is the first one they can properly celebrate, and it is also a celebration of the first year of being a parent. Organizing a first birthday party, however, can sometimes get slightly out of hand because parents simply do not know how to manage their expectations and forget for a minute that their child is really just one year old.

What Not to Do

How you want to organize a birthday party is your own business. You have your own personal preferences and you are the only one that truly knows your child. Hence, if you want to pick a theme for instance, go for it. If your child does respond positively to things like the Teletubbies or Fifi and the Flowertots, then there is nothing wrong with having that theme in place. However, there are a few things that you shouldn’t do and, for some reason, parents of one year old often seem to forget about these things. They include:

  • Making the party longer than two hours. Think about it – how long is your one year old awake on average before needing a nap?
  • Organizing too many activities. Remember, your child is one. How many activities can they participate in? Make it fun, make it easy, keep it simple. A few musical games are more than enough.
  • Turning the party into a grown up party. How often have you been to a birthday celebration for a child of any age and ended up coming home well after midnight? Try not to do this with your one year old. This party is about them and you need to be able to watch them properly as well. If alcohol has to be involved, organize the party late during the day so that all the children can go to sleep and sleep through the night while you celebrate your own year of parenthood.
  • Having loads of sweets and cake. There is just no need. Of course, your child should experience their first birthday cake. And of course they should get message and put their hands or face in that cake. In fact, you should even hire a first birthday cake smash photographer in Los Angeles, CA to capture that moment. However, don’t overload your child and their little guests with fizzy, sugary drinks and party favors filled with more candy. It’s not good for them, it’s bad for their teeth and the kids’ parents won’t appreciate it at all either.

cake smash sessions

There you have it. By avoiding those common pitfalls, you should be able to give your child the first birthday party that you will always remember. They won’t, because they are only one year old. However, if you have a photographer there, you will at least be able to show them the photographs of an amazing party that you organized purely in the honor of your fantastic child.

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Bosstechy December 12, 2015 - 9:54 pm

haha.. Although I don’t have a child yet.. But this tips would be useful when I eventually have the children of my own..

Thanks for the guide


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