Infinite Banking

Infinite banking is the capability of loaning from your own life insurance policy without losing money.

Most do know about the usual way of having a loan. You apply, say, in a bank, and depending on your capacity to pay, the bank will only give you a certain maximum loan. Together with that, the interest you have to pay. On a monthly basis you will have to pay including the interest for the duration of the loan. In the end, the bank earns that interest. If you fail to pay on time, the more earnings the bank will have because you will be penalized for a certain fee.

With infinite banking, though, you are getting a loan on your own life insurance policy. At a certain time (usually after seven years), the insurance company has already made use of your premiums for different investments. Depending on how well the company has earned, the dividends also fluctuate but usually earn little or much. You can then earn 100% of your cash value and you will also pay the interest. The difference is, you yourself will earn, back to your insurance policy.

Conclusion, it will be wise to invest on life insurance.

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