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Kiddos and Video Games

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My hubby and I bought a Play Station 2 about a few months back as a gift to our kiddos. Since then my children was fond of playing video games such as those of Transformer, the Bratz, and Kim Possible.
Of course, children are definitely are children. They always fight about who plays first and who’s next which usually ends up in pulling wires that leads to broken video game controllers. Now, we only have one game controller left and it’s even harder for the two to play alternately especially being a boy and a girl. They have two entirely different game preferences.

So, I decided to look for an affordable game controller. Since I have no knowledge in buying these, I checked on ShopWiki’s PlayStation 2 accessories guide. Reading their informative article would really teach me a thing or two about game controllers and such. I also chanced myself in reading the getting started in gaming guide to update my knowledge.

So parents, if you want to learn more about video games and how to buy accessories, you can visit ShopWiki.com. I’m sure it would be a very informative place.

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