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My Love Language is Not What I Expected


The Five Love Languages was a book written by Gary Chapman. This book outlines five ways to express and experience love between romantic partners that Chapman calls “love languages” which is namely the following: 1) words of affirmation, 2) acts of service, 3) receiving gifts, 4) quality time and 5) physical touch. In this post, we are about to discover my top love language.

My Love Language

Before I wrote this blog post, I thought that my love language was “receiving gifts” because I always love giving gifts to people I love. Then I took the Five Love Languages Quiz to learn more about what my love language really is or to affirm mine.

So, I took the quiz and the results came out differently than what I expected. My love language is “acts of service.” Then followed equally by physical touch, quality time, and receiving Gifts. My lowest was words of affirmation.

What is Acts of Service

Based on my results, acts of service means “actions speak louder than words.” It means I perceived that I am loved when people do things for me. Show their love in action.

Then What About Receiving Gifts

Then I realized that maybe my perception of love that is given me is by acts of service while my way of showing love to others is by “giving gifts.” No, I am not materialistic or what but I feel happy if I give people something even how small to convey my appreciation and yes… give out service that I am really good at to help them out.

Words of Affirmation – My Lowest

I am not much of a talker. I don’t have ways with words. Maybe because I am an introvert or what, but affirming my love through words is kind of not my thing. But now that I know this, I am planning to work on it.

Love Languages of My Children

After taking the quiz, I sent the link to my three children. As a mom, I wondered what they will top from the five love languages so that I would know how to convey my love for them. I am expecting that there will be a difference in results and I was right!

love language

My eldest topped “words of affirmation.” Maybe this is where my daughter and I clash so many times. She probably wanted me to hear me say I love you and here I am trying to buy the things that she wanted or spend quality time with her while we dine out together.

My only son topped “quality time.” I need to work on. Being a single mom, raising a son is very hard. I don’t know how to spend quality time a son let alone a teenage son!

My youngest, who has been different since the beginning, topped “physical touch.” Well, she is a hugger alright! And since she is the youngest, she loves to spending time hugging. We call it “loving-loving.”

Now that I know what are the love languages of my children are, I guess parenting will be a little easier from now on.

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    Hi Mommy Ruby,
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    And because I am coming back in blogging, I made a challenge for myself to visit at least 10 blogs per day for 21 days. And on those blogs I visit, I will leave a comment and have your link listed on my blog hopping challenge as well. Hope you can visit my blog.

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