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Whenever it comes to food, I am not really a picky eater. Though I have preferences, I always make sure to try new dishes. Last year, I started exploring Korean cuisine. Thanks to all the Korean dramas (Kdrama) I watched for the past years, I started taking interest on how Korean food tastes like.

Here in our city, there is one Korean Restaurant that I frequent a lot. Their location is very convenient and so far, I find their dishes soothing to my palate. Golden Ajirang-i Korean Restaurant serves authentic Korean dishes. Maybe not all but they mostly have the Korean dishes I see in Korean dramas I watched such as bean paste soup (which I crave most of the time), kimbap, bibimbap, samgupsal and many others.

This blog post is not about the restaurant but of the Korean food and why I like it now.

Aside from seeing it all the time while I watch Korean dramas, I started liking Korean food because of how it is prepared. They just don’t prepare food for the sake of eating but they do it with health in mind. Each dish emphasizes nutritional value. They use a lot of vegetables and even fruits in their dishes.

Bean Paste Soup

Bean Paste Soup

I also noticed that they frequently use chili powder in most of their dishes. I find it amazing on how they are able to synergize it with each and every ingredient they put in each dish.

Spicy Beef Soup

Spicy Beef Soup

In a Korean food setting, aside from the main viand, they have side dishes. I don’t know the reason behind it but I believe it acts like an appetizer and also add nutritional value to every meal.

Korean Side Dishes

Korean side dishes served at Golden Ajirang-i Korean Restaurant.

One of their famous side dish is kimchee or kimchi. And to much of my amazement, I really enjoyed kimchee while eating local dishes from my country. It makes food taste even better. I frequently buy cabbage and radish kimchee. Sometimes, my father makes his own version of kimchee which I also started to like.



So far my favorite Korean dishes are bean paste soup, spicy beef soup, bibimbap and kimbap. I like the other dishes too but because I limit myself with pork, I came to like these dishes.



There are other dishes that I like to try but since they are not available and some of them I haven’t been able to order in the restaurant yet, I am still looking forward to taste more Korean food this year and in the years to come. I like to treat my palate to more mouthwatering Korean dishes!

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