Magical Evening with Ballet Philippines


I had a fabulous time tonight! Ms. Lorena of SM City Bacolod gave the Negros Bloggers 10 complementary tickets to the live performance of Ballet Philippines. So, together with my co-members Glady of Experience Negros, May of Nshima Servings, my hubby and my two older kids went to SM City Bacolod Cinema 1 to watch.

As expected, the show is so magical! It was my first time to watch ballet dancers perform live in front of my eyes! It was truly amazing. Since I don’t have any nice digital camera around, I settled in taking pictures using my new cell phone. So pardon me for these lousy pictures since it was dark and fuzz.

Thank you SM City Bacolod for the opportunity of a lifetime and the VIP seats too!

After the event, my family went to Greenwich and enjoyed lasagna supreme with ice tea!!

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