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Make Laundry Easy with Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machines


Do you dread doing laundry? Well, that might change when you discover how easy and exciting it can be! Sharp’s Fully Automatic Washing Machines are here to make your laundry day a breeze with their advanced features and modern style. Whether it’s summer or winter, Sharp has you covered.

Sharp has been serving Filipinos for over 40 years, always striving to uplift lives and innovate with consumers in mind. They’re not just any brand; they’re the top choice for washing machines in the country, earning the title of ‘Most Trusted Brand’ in the washing machine category by Reader’s Digest for 11 consecutive years. From Semi-automatic to Top Load, and now Fully Automatic Washing Machines, Sharp offers a wide range of high-quality and innovative products.

If you’re on the hunt for an innovative, fully automatic washing machine, here’s what to look for:

Easy and Convenient to Use

Sharp’s washing machines are user-friendly, and designed with your convenience in mind. They even work well in areas with low water pressure, operating at just 0.01 MPa or 1.45 PSI. These machines come packed with innovative features that make your laundry experience a breeze.

One standout model is the No Holes Tub ES-S115HP-SL (11.5kg) and ES-S95HP-GY (9.5kg). They feature No Holes Tub Technology, saving up to 30% on water usage, and providing hygienic and gentle care for your clothes.

Durable and Efficient

Sharp knows that changing weather conditions demand a tough and rust-free washing machine. These machines are perfect for any season with a plastic body and rust-proof features. The stainless tub ensures durability, and the elegant design adds style to your laundry area. Models like ES-JN105A9(GY), ES-JN09A9(GY), ES-JN08A9(GY), ES-JN07A9(GY), and ES-JN06A9(GY) offer both durability and style.

Energy Saving and Innovative

Incorporating innovative technologies, Sharp’s washing machines also come with a Direct Drive inverter Motor feature, which saves energy. Models like the ES-JX105A9(GY) and ES-JX105A9(BK) are energy-efficient options. In partnership with Procter & Gamble, Sharp offers the ES-PG750P(7.5kg) model with an Ariel Wash Cycle for superior cleaning and stain removal.

NEW! Sharp Front Load Washing Machine

The latest addition to Sharp’s lineup is the Front Load Washing Machine, ES-FLC15BV-DS (10.5kg) & Dryer (7kg) with Plasmacluster Ion Technology. This technology ensures your laundry is clean, and free from bacteria and odors, even for items that can’t be washed with water. The Brushless Direct-Current Motor (BLDC) Inverter feature reduces power consumption and operates quietly and durably.

New models like the ES-FLW15BV-GY (10.5kg) and ES-FLW85BV-GY (8.5kg) feature a projected capacitive touch panel, preventing dirt accumulation and offering a modern design. The Mirror Glass Door adds elegance, and the unique drum pattern ensures thorough washing.

Sharp elevates your laundry experience with its Fully Automatic Washing Machines, making laundry day worry-free, easy, and stylish. They continue to deliver comfort and convenience to every household, being a reliable partner for every Filipino.

For more updates and information about Sharp washing machines, visit the Sharp Official Website [link] and the Sharp Facebook Official Page [link]. You can also find these products at leading appliance stores near you.

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