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Manny Pacquiao’s HP Veer Commercial

Manny Pacquiao have really leveled up not only in his boxing career but also in his commercial endorsements. When I saw Manny Pacquiao Nike commercial I was really awed but when I saw his HP Veer commercial, I was like “Awesome!”

HP Veer Manny Pacquiao Commercial

If you know the history of Manny’s life, you would be amazed. He may not be fluent in English but he does try his very best in what he do. That is why it’s no brainer if he will have more successful commercial endorsements in the future from big companies.

20 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao’s HP Veer Commercial

  1. He’s making it big. Not just an ordinary punch but a big time punch. From rags to riches and still he keeps his feet on the ground. Very cool guy.

  2. liked here mommy rubz! yeah, the typical rags to riches story but of course, with hard work and a whole lot of punches and bruises! hehehe…

  3. wow, really, i have not seen it. Super yaman na talaga nya at super sikat pa, sana wag nga lang siyang magbago.

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