Missing their Weddings

Two of my best friends got married when I was in Bacolod City. I was really sad because both of them sent wedding invitations but I wasn’t able to attend because I was once then busy at work. For me, it was really sad. When I got married, they attended my simple wedding but when it was their turn, I was absent. 😥

Until now… I feel sad every time I remembered their weddings and me not being there. It made me miss them even more. How I wish an opportunity will arrive again for the three of us to eat and pig-out together! LOL!! :pig2:

10 thoughts on “Missing their Weddings

  1. i love attending weddings + dream of having one too! i am sure your friends do understand since you have a valid reason for not attending. maybe you can attend when they renew their vows or when they have children baptized, instead 🙂

  2. ilang oras ba marz ang barko from CDO to bacolod? kami kasi pag nag bibyahe ng patungong negross occ, we take boat to cebu then lantsa going to negros

  3. They will surely going to understand that. Hope you can all find time to be together again and catch up with one’s lives.. 🙂

  4. Aww… I’m sure you’re friends understand.. But I do know how you feel, I feel sad when I miss important events like weddings and birthdays and christenings too.. 🙁

    I hope you get to see your bffs soon and get a much needed bonding session.. 🙂

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