Money Games: How Moms Can Have Fun and Learn About Finances


As a single mom, managing finances can be challenging. With bills to pay, groceries to buy, and children to support, it can feel like there’s never enough money to go around. However, learning about finances doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it can be pretty fun, thanks to online money games like Idle Money Tree, Supermarket Numbers, and Cashier Simulator found on Below are some of the reasons why I like these games and how they can help single moms like me learn about finances and improve math skills in general while having fun.

Idle Money Tree

Idle Money Tree is a game that simulates the growth of a money tree. In this game, you start with a small tree and gradually grow it by investing money, upgrading the tree, and earning passive income. The goal is to become a millionaire by growing the biggest and most profitable money tree. I like this game because it teaches me about the power of compound interest and the importance of investing.

As a single mom, I don’t have much extra money to invest, but this game shows me how even a tiny amount of money can grow over time if invested wisely. Idle Money Tree is a great way to learn about investing and watch your money grow without any risk.

Supermarket Numbers

Supermarket Numbers is an excellent game for moms to play with their children, as it provides an opportunity to bond while practicing math skills in a fun and engaging way. The game starts with mostly addition blocks, and as players progress through the levels, more challenging math problems are introduced. The game has multiple levels, providing an excellent opportunity for players to improve their math skills. The goal of filling the shopping cart meter to 100% keeps the game exciting and engaging. This game is a great way for moms and their children to practice math skills together in a fun and interactive way.

As a single mom, I must be careful with my spending and ensure I don’t overspend on groceries. This game teaches me how to add up prices quickly and accurately, which is a valuable skill when shopping on a budget.

Cashier Simulator

Lastly, my favorite one is Cashier Simulator. This game lets you experience what it’s like to work as a cashier in a supermarket. In this game, you have to scan items, handle money, and give change to customers. I like this game because it’s fun and reminds me of my day as a cashier. I was never assigned to the grocery section, only to the department store. This game made me experience cashiering in the grocery section, albeit virtual.

Learning about finances doesn’t have to be boring. Online money games like those I mentioned above and other games found on can help single moms like me have fun while improving their financial literacy and math skills. These games teach us basic math skills, money management, customer service, compound interest, investing, and budgeting. By playing these games, we can be reminded to become more confident in our financial decisions and make the most of our hard-earned money.

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