Monster Yaya Caught on Tape

We hire maids because we want help in our homes. We trust them with our house, our pets and even with our children. But sometimes, we hire people who are just very abusive or personally disturbed and most of us don’t know that until it’s too late. We expect them to take care of our children but some of them end up beating our children like the monster yaya in the video that was shared to me on Facebook before. Thank God for the technology of security cameras, a video was produced as a proof of the culprit yaya.

Anyway, I tried to look for the video at YouTube and finally I was able to find it. This video was taken by a security camera installed in a certain home where a yaya or maid was caught brutally kicking a toddler. Please be warned that the video maybe disturbing so watch it cautiously.

So I suggest not to give your full trust. Always check you children for scars and bruises and investigate if they have them. It is better to be safe than sorry!

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