More Heads Are Better Than One – How Coworking Can Drive Creativity


With coworking spaces becoming more popular in the Philippines, professionals and businesses will have more options in terms of the spaces available. The popularity of these spaces relates to the fact the workspaces give businesses the autonomy to shape the business day. Furthermore, relationships that are built in the space can be vital to the success of a business.

More significantly, though, is the fact your coworking space can be a place where much creativity is born, especially if the space is designed to encourage it. The social and often affable atmosphere makes it a place where professionals feel comfortable with letting their hair down. Furthermore, because the coworking platform pushes the whole idea of professionals working with each other instead of against each other, it fosters creativity. Your coworking space has a number of functions, and driving creativity is one of them.

Let’s take a closer look at how coworking can promote creativity.

Office Space Design

Of the many office designs, the coworking space provides your business with the foundation for being creative by providing workspace in a more relaxed environment. Look around the typical space, and you will find the space is an open floor plan, even though they do provide private offices and desks. The hot desks typically are a part of the floor plan, some being removed from lounge areas and other more laid-back spaces opting to include sofas and other comfortable furniture. The wall décor is often artful, and bright in some cases, all in the hopes of creating space that generates innovative thinking.

More than any other place in the coworking space, the hot desk can be a place for teams to meet in the space to flesh out any ideas and or go to designated lounge areas to converse. Typical office space does not encourage the types of creativity because offices are compartmentalised and professionals do not get the chance to get an opportunity to engage each other in a place where loud conversations disrupt the business environment. In the coworking space, conversely, people come in and out of the space and contribute to the conversation making it easier to contribute to the free flow of ideas.

Community Events

The coworking space is the one place where socialising is very important to the workplace. In fact, one of the events that promotes creativity is related to pitch nights. Holding conversations about projects you would like to take on is probably great to not only tap into the creativity of the space but to also draw on your creativity to generate ideas for making your business grow. In fact, these pitch nights can be the beginning of collaborative ventures in the space. Other community activities that can be a platform for creativity are conferences and workshops that allow businesses and professionals to learn from others. Ultimately, meeting others from the same industry and others is an opportunity for you to exchange information while making connections the greater community.

The Ultimate Collaboration

The final way you can maximise the space’s creative potential is to work with others in the space. The space usually is comprised of professionals from a variety of industries, which makes it easy for you to come across all types of information. Not only do you come across much information, but it is also an opportunity to think about how to use the information in a way that best meets the needs of your business.

Creatively Creating Innovative Opportunities

The coworking space presents your business with many chances to engage other people in the community and to basically learn from each other. This space promotes conversation, which ultimately leads to discussions about working creatively. Ultimately, the design and atmosphere are the platforms for creativity in the space.

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