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How would you like it if you can build long term relationships with your clients by providing great service because you have a way to record certain facts that can tell you what products will most likely be saleable to him or her? You can reward certain customers who have bought the most for the month for example by giving them specific discounts on items they are likely to buy since you have a record of the his or her buying habit. At the same time, you can track all your items with all the details, even with matching photo of each product. You do not have to count the actual item because you have your inventory automatically tallied. At the end of the day you can already know how much you sold with complete report on all all possible details you need.

With Quickbook POS, time has been cut short substantially that you make it easier for customers to be satisfied. With Intuit Quickbooks point of sale you can do everything within one screen from the start of the day till the close of the store. No longer do you have to make the buyers wait long just to be able to get your credit card authorization and when something does not connect you will have to do the manual process again, unlike the new technology where one swipe and everything you need will be under your fingertips. Another good thing about it is it backs up the data automatically every day.

With this system, gone are the days of manually punching in the prices (although that has already been solved with most, if not all, POS systems. Since every data you need is in one place plus the backup copy, all you have to do is print a report of everything you need. All you have to take care of is to have your cashiers trained to take care of your employees who in turn take care of your clients.

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LOURDES July 31, 2012 - 10:08 pm

Things are easier because of this system.


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