Night Owls and Coffee

I admit. I am guilty! I have become an official night owl! I sometimes sleep around 3:00 in the morning. And you know what else?? My love for coffee has again flourished. I drink around 3 to 5 mugs a day! Yup, mugs alright!! I love the rich aroma of coffee. I was thinking of getting myself a capresso coffee maker. It would really help make my coffees tastier and easier to prepare! Anyway, that would be a nice idea. Maybe I should write that down at my husband’s “things to do list.” – Buy a capresso coffee maker for my wife! LOL!!

3 thoughts on “Night Owls and Coffee

  1. i’m also “addicted” to coffee and would drink about 7 cups a day… i’d like to have a machine of my own… it would be a nice addition to any kitchen, i think 🙂

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