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Are You Normal or Nuts? That is the question!

Well, I really thought about that if I were normal person or a nut bag. I do things that I felt might be a little awkward to other people. But when I read the article by William Speed Weed of Reader’s Digest, I noticed that a letter sender has a similar situation. Let me quote…

I have to use things until they wear out before getting new ones. It took me seven years to use up 14 bottles of nail polish. I should get a new pair of sandals, but my old ones aren’t completely worn-out yet, so I’ll wait. My friends tell me this is not normal.

My mom once told me, I was quite unique (a nut bag?) because I have several dresses and shoes but I only wear those that I am comfortable with. Aside from that, I wear it all the time until they get worn out and after that, it’s when I look inside the closet and get another thing to wear out!

Some might find it hilarious but I am quite serious with my quirkiness. Anyway, I am glad that the doctor’s reply to the sender was it’s quite normal (Yay! I am a normal person).

So, let me ask you this: Are You Normal or Nuts? Check out the article and see if you have some quirkiness in common with some of the email senders. And if you want to read some funny and clean jokes, visit Reader’s Digest Laughs!

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