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Now Using My Own HDD!

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The solution to my PC problem only caused me 75pesos!! Yup, I bought a SATA cable yesterday.

So when evening came, I connected the SATA cable to my motherboard including my 250GB. I booted my PC using my husband’s laptop HDD then immediately transferred my files to my hubby’s HDD. After transferring, I removed my husband’s HDD then made my 250GB as the primary HDD and partitioned it. Then I installed Windows XP as my OS twice because the PC hanged. After installing OS, I connected my hubby’s HDD into my computer using a USB connected. Then I transferred all my files to my own HDD. All of this took me until seven in the morning including re-installation of some programs, browser plugins and more!

So finally, I am announcing that I am accessing the internet via my own HDD!! Thank God!

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