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Sorry if you didn’t showed-up directly to my other blog. I just wanted to make a little introduction before I direct you to my other blog.Anyway, some of my closest blogging friends already knew about the existence of my other blog named OnlineBiz and Resources. This blog was created last December 28, 2007. I wanted to create a blog where I could solely share my online opportunity finds and even resources for business and blogging enhancements.

So, to my avid readers here, I invite you to visit OnlineBiz and Resources. I know some of you are very busy, so I suggest you subscribe so that you won’t have to visit often. I will make sure you will get the latest updates on available online business opportunities that I have found paying. Aside from that, I will be posting every resources that I have encountered online that you might find useful to your online businesses or even blogger’s resources to make your blogging more fun and entertaining. I will also be sharing my blog monetizing experiences and how I build traffic for it.

So please feel free to visit and be a subscriber today!

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