Owning a Motorcycle Can Save You Money

With the continuous rise of fuel prices, people who own more than one car are starting to look for cheaper options that would allow them to save money on gas. Of course, they still want their everyday commute to be convenient for them especially if they need to go to work 5 days a week. So totally giving up their individual modes of transportation is definitely out of the question. Now what can these people do? They don’t have to part ways with their cars. But let’s say a person owns 2 cars. That would mean fuel expenses for both cars and that doesn’t come cheap.

Hence the most suitable alternative would be to give up one of their cars in exchange for a transportation that doesn’t consume much gas. It would also be frugal to get something that is not too expensive to maintain, just like a motorcycle. A motorcycle can be very fuel efficient. What’s more, it wouldn’t be soaking up too much gas since unlike cars it’s not prone to be stuck in traffic. We all know how much gas is wasted when cars get stuck in traffic jams. But with a motorcycle, that can be avoided.

Also, the parts of a motorcycle are not too expensive. So even if the motorcycle needs repairs, you wouldn’t have to worry about spending too much on parts, labor and services. And since even motorcycle parts can now be purchased online, you may even get to save more since items sold online are usually cheaper than those being sold in standalone stores. Thus, having a motorcycle can be a good idea. Of course, if you do decide to own one, you must always remember that you need to be responsible. Riding a motorcycle can be a tad risky so you need to always practice road safety.

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  • Natasha

    i finished my motorcycle class in May and I ditched one of the cars. Gas prices was a huge factor. Also, I have a new hobby and have met some great people.

  • Krizza

    I agree! Here in Cambodia and even in Vietnam, you will be surprised to know that the primary means of transportation being used are motorcycles. In fact, you can see more of this on streets than cars and taxis. I think majority of the people here owned motorcycles. But compared to Philippines, traffic rules here are not strictly enforced so driving your own motorcycle can also be very risky especially if you are not an expert and you do not wear the proper safety gears.

  • Shydub

    Dito we have no choice but to suck it up hehehhe, pero may bus but still convenient yung yun have car, pero sa amin mars minus lakwatsa muna kasi we maintain a certain mileage sa car namin na kilangan wag lalagpas.

  • Pinx

    that’s the reason why we still don’t own a car. the motor really saves us on fuel. but now that the family is getting bigger, i think one of these days, we have to buy a car, even a pre owned one.

  • shengkayful

    oh yes agree with that mommy also is..kahit na motorsiklo dala mo own the road na parang isa ka din sasakyan..always remember pareho din kayong motorista..minsan kasi dahil motor lang ang dala natin parang nasa gilid na lang tayo ganyan..which should not be kasi parang you give other motorist change na maside sweep ka..base on road safety yan sa defensive driving ng mga drivers namin..own the road as if your a car too..

  • Corbitoness

    Super tipid talaga ang motorcycle. Even if we bought a car last year, we still couldn’t let go of hubby’s motorcycle. It’s his primary mode of transportation when going to work. Mura na sa gas, mura din sa parking.

  • Jasmin

    Though nakatipid ka sa motorcycle, for me it is still not ideal kasi masyadong prone siya sa accident.. My brother has his own motorcycle and we’re always worrying about him whenever he goes to work..

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