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Did you remember my Valentine Linky Love Campaign? Well, if you are a frequent visitor and reader of my blog probably you have participated in that campaign. Now, since I really love making new online friendships, I am launching Project Exlinks.What is the purpose of Project Exlinks? As the name itself suggests, its geared toward exchanging links with the visitors of my blog. Most of you may already been in each other’s blogroll but some may not be. So, to provide a common interests within my visitors – my blog (lol!) and exchange links, I am hosting this here! Ok…Mister Linky is a JAVASCRIPT…yeah…yeah…it would not count as a backlink but hey…I’m not finished yet (hehehe)…here is the good part, every after 20 participants, I will send you the HTML code so that you can post it to your blog (which will be counted as valid backlinks). After posting, PLEASE please visit the blogs listed there and it would be nice if you can leave a comment. We will be promoting FRIENDSHIP with benefits of FREE backlinks and FREE traffic. 20 blogs are few when you do your blog hops right?

So, please, as a general rule (even if your not in my blogroll but would want to join, feel free), no gΓ‘mbling and pornographic sites allowed. Only blogs (monetized or not). You can submit as many blogs as you want but only one submission per blog till eternity and beyond! Why, you will be sent updates on all 20 blogs per email.

OK, this is the important part. After you sign-up with Mr. Linky, please don’t forget to click on the link below to fill-up the form to send me your email (the place where you want the HTML codes mailed).


NOTE: You email address will be kept confidential and will not be sold to any third party. Pinay Mommy support bloggers not spammers.



1. Pinay Mommy Online – COMPLETE
2. OnlineBiz and Resources – COMPLETE
3. RedRuby – COMPLETE
4. Pinaymama – COMPLETE
5. JeansWomen – BATCH 1 ONLY
6. Pampss – COMPLETE
7. Nelle – LucidCreativity – COMPLETE
8. Pinayjade – BATCH 1 ONLY


1. Pinay Mommy Online – COMPLETE
2. RedRuby’s Euroangel Graffiti – COMPLETE
3. gizelle – COMPLETE
4. Homegirl Space – BATCH 4 ONLY
5. WWW Addict – COMPLETE
6. Simply The Best – COMPLETE


1. Pinay Mommy Online – COMPLETE
2. pmonchet – BATCH 3 ONLY
3. gizelle – COMPLETE
4. mama meji – BATCH 3 ONLY
5. makiko – BATCH 3 ONLY
6. zamejias – BATCH 3 ONLY
7. tips and tricks – BATCH 3 ONLY


1. Pinay Mommy Online – COMPLETE
2. jcsacramento – BATCH 1, 2 AND 3 ONLY
3. shimumsy – BATCH 4 ONLY
4. Lalaine – COMPLETE
5. Barefooted Me – COMPLETE – freebies claimed!
6. Pinay Mommy DigiScrap – COMPLETE
7. Sherry – BATCH 4 ONLY
8. Toro – COMPLETE
9. Homegirl Space – BATCH 4 ONLY
10. rems – BATCH 4 ONLY
11. Lourdes’ Mia – COMPLETE
12. Pinay Mommy Biz – COMPLETE
13. A Girl for All Status – BATCH 4 ONLY

To all participants, please be informed that I will be deleting all links that are has no posts on their blogs. It would be very unfair to those who are active and participating. I am really sorry if your links will be deleted. I hope you understand. Let’s do this project fair and square for everybody.

For those who are active, please REPORT those who have no posts on their blogs that I may contact them and follow-up. If they don’t have the posts yet after follow-up, then I will delete their links and send you again the new codes. Thank you very much.



<a href=”http://WWW.INSERT.YOUR.POST.URL.HERE.COM”><img src=””></a>
Update: April 2, 2008

Hello guys and gals!!

As your project host, I wanted everything to be easy and accessible for all participants. So, if you haven’t received any email for codes from me. You can now download all the latest codes here. But I still suggest, that you send me an emails so that you will be updated regularly everytime there are new things to share. Especially I am planning to have a contest for everybody soon.

Anyway, if you want to send me an email manually regarding Project Exlinks, please do send it at exlinks [[at]] pinaymommyonline [[dot]] com.


Update: April 10, 2008
This is our latest update as of this day. If you noticed some of the old links has been updated and deleted. Just as I said, I will be deleting deadlinks and non personal blogs. Codes of these updated batches is readily available by email request.

By the way, if the word “COMPLETE” is beside your name or url, then lucky you! Your entitled to avail of my 100 30-seconder advertising and 50 entrecard credits, all for FREE!! Well, it’s not that big but it is a simple thank you that I can impart to all active and thankful participants. So, to get the 50ec credits and claim your 100 30-seconder advertising, please send me a message in my EntreCard Inbox for easier sending. For those who have more than 1 blogs, please nominate one only. Thanks!!

And for all who still want to avail of my freebies, it is still open to all participants until April 15, 2008 7:00pm (+8GMT). So, please complete your posts from Batch 1 to 4 and get all the freebies!! Please leave a comment here for those who have updated their posts already so that I could edit the links.

And just a little reminder, those who have no complete post until April 15, 2008 will be deleted permanently from the links. I am really SORRY to do this but it would really be unfair to those who joined the project.

Update: April 15, 2008

Finally I have finished blog hopping and checking all blogs after the follow-up I made last time. So, the ones listed above is final. So for those who have their names with COMPLETE at the side, please send me a message at my EntreCard Inbox by clicking here. So that I will know where to send the 50 EntreCard credits. Now, before I advertise your blog. I need you to install a site tracker to see if you are really getting 100 hits from the advertiser I am paying to advertise your blog. So get one here at HiStats. They have the most comprehensive way of tracking visitors of your blog. Once you have it installed, please send me an email at exlinks(at)pinaymommyonline(dot)com so that I could start advertising the blog your have chosen and installed a tracker with.

Again…congratulations to all complete posters. I will be sending the next Batch after checking them. Thanks!!! Claim your freebies now!!!

P.S. To get the new codes, you can send me an email or just copy it from here. Thanks!!!

UPDATE: MAY 9, 2008


Lifestyle Mommy Blogger and Virtual Assistant from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Aside from doing product reviews and events coverage, she blogs about solo parenting, homeschooling, and things in between.


  • mama meji

    Thanks for this LinkLove. I will add you to my blogrolls shortly.

    Email me the codes for: and

    at zamblogpsot [at]gmail [dot] com

  • girlforallstatus

    Hi PinayMommy,

    I’ve added the link on my blog but I don’t see my url anywhere. Pls include mine. Thanks


  • Nancy

    hi rubs..i’m back. i havn’t found any cbox on you homepage mao diretso nalang ko diri…slamat kaau sa pag-agi sa akong page..i tried to look for the tag coz i’m thinkin’ of posting it even if it’s quite late for me to do it… i miss you here..hope to hear from u again soon..TC!

  • mama meji

    Hi I noticed that other participants has their posts up and running. As I haven’t received any html code yet, I just want to check whether you were able to send the codes to my mail. TY

    zamblogspot [[at]] gmail [[dot]]com


    posted already the codes yesterday to my 3 blogs below…great job sanagay..keep it up..more power!!

  • mirage2g

    Hi mommy Ruby, I posted batch 3 and 4 now, but I will have to put it in order later….I forgot to put the link and header =D

    See you and thanks for the project!

  • Toro

    I can’t download the code directly…
    would you mind sending me the code through my email?

  • Joliber Mapiles

    Hi Mommy Rubi,

    I subscribed to your blog using my Google reader.. Anyway, good luck to blogging.. It seems that you enjoy it..

  • KCee

    Hi Ruby,

    I was surprised to see the NO POST status beside my blog name. I thought you already took note of my Project Exlinks posts for all batches. You even left a comment there last April 3 on my Batch 4 post.

    Anyways, here are the URLs for all batches and the corresponding posting dates. I hope you can check it out:

    Batches 1 and 2- posted March 18 and April 3:

    Batch 3- posted April 3:

    Batch 4- posted April 3:


  • Mommy Ruby

    hello guys! thanks for participating in project exlinks. batch 5 will be posted after april 15, 2008. please do wait. thanks!!

    @ KCEE, i am really sorry. it was a typo error since i was editing this around 5:00am. but i do acknowledge that you are complete as i have posted at

    thanks again. sorry for the typo error. i will correct it.

    thanks again!!

  • KCee

    Hi Ruby, it’s okay, I understand. There are a lot of participants in the project and it’s normal to get confused sometimes. Especially at 5:00 am! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for updating my status. Have a great Sunday!

  • KCee

    Hi Ruby!

    Thanks for the EC credits and free advertising that you sent me for completing the Project Exlinks post! I hope others will claim theirs as well and actively participate in the project.

    Thanks again and God bless! πŸ™‚


  • Stella

    Hi, your blog is lovely..I was visiting my friend’s blog where I saw your blog’s link and came here..Great design..

  • Letters from Maui

    Hi Mommy Ruby, I want to join Project Exlinks too. I entered my name and url above then pressed enter, but nothing happened. Am I doing it wrong? =(

  • maiylah

    hi! i want to join … but can’t seem to enter my blog at your mr. linky.
    or are you still accepting participants? πŸ™‚
    would love to join …
    my email: myla [dot] dvm @ gmail [dot] com

    many thanks, and happy weekend!

  • Mommy Ruby

    hello all guys!! thanks for participating. by the way, i think the linky is not working, so please leave a comment and i will try to add it manually. thanks very much!!

    God bless you all. muah!!

  • ? Joymhrdy ?

    Hello Mommy Ruby! I checked my website today and oh my gosh! I couldn’t believe of how much my unique visitors came up today it is about 135 UV not 100 as you have said, though! It is more than I thought, which made me so happy!! Thank so much for the advertising credits, it is very awesome! I am so glad to be a part of a project exlinks!!!

  • faeryrowan

    hello! added my blog to project ex-links. i’m fairly new to blogging and hope to take advantage of this wonderful project of yours. =) and yeah, the link to mr. linky’s blog doesn’t seem to work. oh, i’m a young working pinay mommy, by the way.

  • Jo Ann

    Hello there! I would love to join Project Exlinks. Are you still accepting applicants?

    I filled out the form but I am not sure if I am supposed to copy the code to my blog now or if I should wait for an approval or an email from you. Please enlighten me. My apologies na rin for not understanding the process well. πŸ™‚

  • Elliot

    Thanks for the swift reply. ^^; I’ve already added you up in my blogroll, and faved you in technorati as well. ^^;

    Wah, I envy your pagerank! hahaha. How long did it take before you reached that?

  • Zacky

    Hi Mommy ruby

    help me include my blog because i can’t seems to press the enter key. It just did not respond.

    Name: Zacky

    Thanks and many thanks

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