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Rich in FB

First it was creating a making my place beautiful. I had fun making my pad stunning with all the pink stuff I could find. Then later, I went to farming. I planted, harvested and sold my crops. I bought more lands to make more profit and beautify my farm. Next, I started maintain aquariums. Bought fishes, fed them, grow them and sell them. I also bought decorations like pond light just to keep my fishes happy. Then, I opened a hotel, managed it, expanded it and invited friends to stay over. Then finally, I got stuck with having my own town and making it big! I wanted my town to be beautiful and big as a bustling metropolis. And together with it, I started my own company and tried to expand while hiring my friends as employees. I wanted to be on top of the game!

As you can see, if coins from Facebook game applications were real, I would be very rich by now. Imagine? I have a pad for myself, a farm, few aquariums, a hotel, my own town and a company! All these things I was able to achieve, but only in Facebook!! LOL!!

Anyway, are you rich like me in Facebook?

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11 thoughts on “Rich in FB

  1. Oh, I really don’t play these FB games, so no, I’m not rich, ahah πŸ˜† But it sounds fun, and at least it gives you a chance to DREAM, doesn’t it? πŸ™‚

    It’s always so nice to see you happy, darling!

  2. true! if only my coins are real…
    hay… no work na talaga!

    but i’m not active on FB applications anymore, farmville na lang… sayang sa oras eh! hehe.

    can we exchange links?

    thanks! :-))

  3. Oh my god. My mom is on Facebook 24/7 playing Farmville, it’s just so scary. Farmville sucks you away and never lets you come back. D’8 Harvest Moon is much better and more realistic than Farmville

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