Save the Children Philippines launches ‘Tayo ang Pasko’ Campaign vs Child Hunger


Save the Children Philippines, a leading advocate for children’s rights, has launched the “Tayo ang Pasko” campaign to bring attention to the ongoing issue of child hunger affecting numerous children in the country.

Save the Children’s goal is clear: to garner support in addressing and eliminating child hunger. CEO Atty. Albert Muyot emphasized the significance of tackling hunger, with malnutrition affecting over 30% of the population due to poverty.

The campaign offers two ways to make a difference during the holiday season. A Php 1,000 donation to the “Tayo ang Pasko” campaign earns donors a fulfillment band—a bracelet symbolizing hope and collective effort in the campaign.

The second option, Gift to Save, makes corporate gift-giving more meaningful. Companies can now contribute as part of their corporate social responsibility, aligning their gifts with a purpose.

The campaign launch, held at the historic Manila Clock Tower, prompted reflection on issues impacting children today. Atty. Muyot urged attendees to consider why problems like hunger persist despite the passage of time.

Timed before the peak of the Yuletide season, the campaign aims to transform the season of joy into an opportunity for impactful action. Atty. Muyot suggests extending the spirit of giving not only during Christmas but throughout the year.

Save The Children Philippines Ambassadors, including Xia Vigor and Ria Atayde, shared their experiences and commitment to the cause. Vigor, with the organization since age 9, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to address crucial problems through the “Tayo ang Pasko” campaign.

Ria Atayde emphasized the fulfillment of working with Save the Children, highlighting the organization’s impact on addressing hunger and malnutrition in children.

During the launch, SCP executives symbolically filled a bowl with items representing solutions to child hunger, such as education, clean water, and child protection systems.

This Yuletide season, celebrating with Save The Children Philippines offers a chance to give back, spread happiness, and contribute to the vital cause of fighting child hunger. To learn more and stay connected with ongoing efforts, visit the Save The Children Philippines website at Your support matters in ensuring no child is left behind this Christmas. Get involved today!

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