School Lab Memories


As you all know, I am a graduate of Civil Engineering but my job experiences doesn’t relate with it. I got into the profession related to sales and management rather than of building houses.Anyway, when I was still in college, I remembered attending my long classes. If you’re taking up an engineering course, most classes take up 2 to 4 hours due to some laboratory work. Not that you are experimenting but mostly to prove a formula or make something up.

One time, our teacher instructed us to make hallow blocks using different mixtures of ordinary Portland cement. We are then to test the strength of each hallow blocks made. Being the only girl in our group, I always ended up as the secretary jotting down the results of the test while the boys get to mix and mold the hollow blocks. Oh well, after the curing period (time for the cement to harden), we laugh so with our finish products because we made a hollow block that is so tough that we actually wasted too many bags of ordinary Portland cement. Yeah, it was sturdy alright but it was a failure because we weren’t that efficient and cost wise.

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