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State of the Bloggers Address – 100 days


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When a President reaches 100 days in service after being elected, he/she makes a SONA – State of the Nation Address to report his/her accomplishment on his/her first 100 days and of course talks about projects, plans, proposal, etc. Since my blog had reached 100 days, I am going to mimic a SONA but in different terms. I call it State of the Bloggers Address (SOBA). So here it goes!

As a first time blogger, I have encountered a lot of difficulties – a crashing template, lost Page Rank, Alexa and Technorati rankings and a few disapproved requests from blogging opportunities. But, it didn’t stop me from blogging myself to death (just exaggerating). I continued blogging as a usual blogger does – whine, rant, cry, praise, laughing out loud, blog hopping, exchange links, tags, awards, quizzes, monetizing through affiliate programs, PTC and everything else.

As for accomplishments, well both my main blogs Pinay Mommy Online and Onlinebiz & Resources has rankings already in Technorati, Alexa, and Izea. Pinay Mommy Online has its own domain name already while Onlinebiz will probably stay that way – a subdomain for blogspot. I got approved also in few blog advertising companies and had few blog post opportunities since I don’t have a PR yet. I have also started a netring for Pinay Mommies Community. There are almost 30 Filipina mothers who have signed-up which most of them are already my friends.

Anyway, I think my greatest accomplishment that I had is having a lot of friends. Friends that I haven’t seen personally yet they are there to help you and guide you in any way they can. Friends that tell you everything will be OK if I trust God. Friends that can see more than the blog has to offer. Great friends!

Plans for the future? To be honest, I am planning to write more than my personal life (I will still be writing about my experiences besides this a personal blog, hehe…). I want to write about the learning I had when I was managing a direct selling company. Share my experiences and hopefully be able to write them down to help other people succeed in their direct selling endeavors.

Giving free “more than one sentence” reviews on my blogging friend’s blogs is also on the agenda. I am planning to share all the programs that I have encountered, which ones pay or not. Write more about business resources and even blogging enhancements. Share everything I can to my readers. I am planning to enhance PMC and continue with the contest I had in mind. I am also planning to make more strategies for everybody to earn more online – in another way.

As for the Page Rank, I don’t want to talk about it. It’s been affecting many of my blogger friends even I myself one time. So, it’s better to move on than stay with it. I think it will come as you share more of yourself to others – with PR or no PR. Just share and win friends. I believe someday, you and I will get it. As for myself, I plan to be a stay-at-home mom as long as I can – if possible until I become a stay-at-home grandma!

Hmmmm…what I have written sounds like the past, the present, and – till the next posts… hehehe… future is yet to be unveiled. Everybody is invited to my future…care to be written with it?


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carlota March 5, 2008 - 12:01 pm

such a great idea. i hear yeah- blog should move on wink*

janet March 6, 2008 - 12:11 am

yes rubs, we all should move on. i have decided that for myself too. 🙂 decided to bring the fun back in blogging. 🙂 you’re very creative to come up with your SOBA. It cracked me up.

Mommy Dharlz July 13, 2012 - 9:05 am

wow.. ang galing naman nito Mommy Rubz


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