Surprised and Few Updates!

Guess what happened! My husband surprised us. He arrived in Cagayan de Oro last Friday morning. Yup! He followed us here. He said that he felt lonely sleeping alone at night. So he decided to ask their company for an emergency loan and vacation leave then left immediately for Cagayan. Aside from that, he doesn’t want to miss our daughter’s birthday too. Anyway, he will be leaving sooner than us because of his work. He will go back to Bacolod on Tuesday and we will just follow back there when my daughter’s school closes.

Since we were back in town, we visited my in-laws. We had dinner together at my parents-in-law. Then my husband also visited his friends. Then later, my husband and I went out. We invited our old friend with his girlfriend and enjoyed live music in a bar. After that, we went home.

Now, we are planning to go to our local church and meet some of our friends and wedding godparents. After that, I am not sure what. My father wanted to celebrate Micah’s birthday today since he will be leaving for Bukidnon tomorrow but my mom is acting up again. So it’s a bit complicated and emotionally stressful right now.

Oh well, I hope all things will clear up after going to church. I wanted to rest my mind and release all the worries. So, I guess I need to see you later. Need to prepare! Ciao!

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  • gengen

    Wow that is a good news mommy at least your whole family is there and celebrating your daughter’s birthday. Hope everything is fine…I have an award for you hope you will get it.
    It is here:

    Mommy unsaon pagbutang sa DNS sa godaddy nga domain so that the domain usable na then unsa pod ang ibutang….Thanks

  • mabelle

    oks ra na mommy rubz oi. mana man nakog update kay akong nakita ang link nimo sa feedjit pagvisit nako sa akong uban na blogs. so ako na lang giupdate pud tong imong gilista sa imong blogroll.

    nwys, ka sweet pud anang imong hubby oi. ana jud nang tunay na gugma. latason ang kadagatan aron lang ikauban ang kapikas sa kinabuhi.

    sige diri lang ko taman.

    God bless!

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