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Product Review: Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Cleanser Cream


A few weeks ago, I got a Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Cleanser Cream in the mail. I was so excited to try it but I have an ordinary cleanser that I was using and I don’t want to waste it. Just waited for a few days only and then I started using it.

And then finally, after a month of using Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Cleanser Cream. I can finally say something about it. I am now ready to share my review. But before anything else, let me introduce this product first…

What is Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Cleanser Cream

Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Cleanser Cream is a 3-in-1 acne fighting solution cleanser that gently removes oil and dirt with its rich lather and helps keep skin hydrated. It is suitable for all skin types and was made to target the following skin problems: clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, dry skin, blemishes, and acne.

What are the Main Ingredients of Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Cleanser Cream

This product boasts four key ingredients, namely Moringa Pterygosperma Seed, Lotus Flower Extract, AC-11, and Malic Acid. These four components are synergically combined to bring out the best skincare product suitable for all. The Moringa Pterygosperma Seed is for the gentle cleansing of the skin, while the Lotus Flower Extract is for the prevention of dirt from sticking to the surface of the skin. The AC-11 is responsible for the skin repairing formula that helps in the production of collagen and Malic Acid is for the gentle exfoliation of the skin to minimize pores and improve the overall texture of the skin.

Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Cleanser Cream is an award-winning skincare product from Taiwan. It is proven to treat Asian skin concerns by utilizing only top-notch quality ingredients.

Where Can I Buy Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Cleanser Cream

The Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Cleanser Cream comes in a sturdy 100g tube that can be bought at AllYoung Philippines website for Php 1,099.00 only.

Pinay Mommy’s Personal Take on this Product

I actually waited for a month before I can say my personal take on this product. The reason behind this is that I truly believe that using it once won’t really make a difference, but using it consistently for a time, you can say a little more than product knowledge. So, let us start…


  • Container. One thing I noticed immediately is the container. The tube looks elegant with its minimalistic design. Then after staying in our bathroom for a while (with kids not mindful of what they see inside), I have proven that the tube is very sturdy. If you put pressure while the cap is on, it won’t easily open. Rest assured, you can have all the contents tuck inside.
  • Smell. I am very sensitive to how a product would smell. My friends don’t put perfume or cologne in front of me because they know how sensitive I am. I get allergic rhinitis if the smell of a certain product is so invasive. And I am glad Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Cleanser Cream is not like that. So, that is a plus point for me.
  • Lather. I don’t know about you, but I always feel that whenever a soap or cleansers lather much I feel clean. If you put an itsy bitsy pea size on your palm, it can create enough lather on your face. This made me think that this product will last long.
  • Sensitivity. I am not only sensitive to smells, but also in certain ingredients. So far, my skin didn’t feel irritated at all. I didn’t get any red spots nor got an itchy face. All is well for my face.
  • Ingredients. If you look closely, you will find that their ingredients are not all too common in regular skincare products. Well, they might be in others but you can find them separately and not together like Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Cleanser Cream. I guess the combination of ingredients really made a difference.
  • After Wash. My skin feels light. I don’t feel any heaviness on my face.
  • After a Week. My skin is not too oily nor too dry but it was just moderate. But after a week of use, I can actually feel the suppleness of my face. It seems that my face got soft and nice to touch.
  • After a Month. My lines seemed to be less visible than before. (I am actually looking forward to another month of usage of this.)


  • It can only be bought online. I haven’t seen it on any supermarket shelves or any other stores that sells skincare products. But, I don’t know if this is a CON when AllYoung Philippines offers free shipping from time to time.
  • It’s a little bit pricey than the usual. But, since you only need to use a small pea size amount for your face, this product is actually cheaper than most because your consumption will be minimal.

There you go, folks! That’s my personal take on Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Cleanser Cream. I still have a lot on my tube, so I am looking forward to more development on my face. Hahaha… I am turning 40 soon, so I am getting a hang of this product already.

So, any of you here have tried this product? What was your experience? Share them on the comments below.



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