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    New Look for Pinay Mommies Community

    One of the busy things that I have been doing lately was updating my blogs. Aside from that, I have also change the template for Pinay Mommies Community. I have bought a template at www.maldita.us and changed it about a few days ago. Now, PMC looks cute and fabulous with its new layout! Check it out below: By the way, we have many activities going on there like “Weekly Fest #14 Lucky Me! Wacky Me!” and the new Mommy’s Digital Scrapping Challenge. There are cash and EC credits at stake.So, if you’re a pinay mommy or wife, you might want to join the fun. Visit us at www.pinaymommies.com and submit…

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    Pinay Mommies Community’s New Look

    Yes, folks! Pinay Mommies Community (PMC) has a new look. Before, we used a simple HTML as the website’s base. Now, it utilizes a WordPress platform. It looks so simple but hopefully as time goes by, we will manage to beautify it. We converted it into WP because probably in the near future, it will become a blog of multi-talented Filipina moms and wives.The site is still under construction as there are some pages that needed to be added from the previous HTML template. But it’s visible already, you can visit and show some love at our shoutbox. Thanks!! 87 total views, no views today Hits: 993

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    PMC’s Weekly Fest

    Pinay Mommies Community is doing a weekly fest. Every week all members who would want to participate will post an entry at the forum according to the weekly theme. They will post half of their entry at the forum and half of the entry at their blog. Those who will join will either receive a giveaway (that is for all) or one winner (or several winners) will be chosen for a prize. This will depend on our weekly benefactor(s) of course. Most are generous members of the community. This week’s theme is their favorite food. Participants will post the ingredients at the forum and the rest of the procedure at…

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    27 Blogs Listed!

    After finishing the site on Pinay Mommies Community, I did a manual invitation and few emails to some pinay mommies and wives that I have known in the blogosphere. When I woke up from my quick nap, aside from my two listed blogs, there were already 25 blogs submitted. I was really happy how Filipina mommies and wives have supported the project. It is a true sign that “bayanihan” still exists and even in the blogosphere. For my readers here, Pinay Mommies Community is a website dedicated to linking Filipina mommies and wives worldwide. It is more than a “link” to blogs like any ordinary directories are but it is…