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Teen Trip Planning: Get Them Involved

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No matter how much you love them, you may dread traveling with your teenagers. After all, it’s not untypical for adolescents to balk at the very idea of vacationing with their folks. Teens can also be totally enjoyable vacation companions if you give them some say regarding your travel itinerary. Invite your teenager to participate in planning, and they may look forward to traveling as much as you do.

Prior to Packing Your Bags

Before you pack your luggage and head out of town, ask for your teenager’s input. Inquire about their dream vacation, where they would go, and what they would do once they arrived. Even if you cannot comply with their every travel whim, you’ll get a good idea of the sort of adventure that would cause your kid great enthusiasm. Teenagers are loathed to feel bossed around. Allow them to help select a vacation destination, and the whole family might wind up having a better time.

Select Your Destination with Care

When planning a family vacay with teens in tow, be prepared to compromise. Imagine you and your partner feel like going somewhere where you can bask on the beach all day. At the same time, your teenager expresses a desire to hang out in a lively game arcade where they can meet others of their own kind. A happy compromise might be to book passage on a cruise ship where parents can soak up the sunshine on the top deck while their adolescent age kids find other teens in supervised amusement areas aboard the vessel, suggests Family Vacation Critic magazine.

Imagine Ideal Lodging

Numerous lodging opportunities await a family traveling with teens. For some families, an AirBnB offers ideal lodging where teens have their own bedroom and bath. Of course, the Airbnb option works best for teens when in proximity to amusements and attractions. A better choice may be to reserve a suite of rooms at a nice hotel such as the Marriott Boston Long Wharf. Hotels that sit within walking distance of wholesome activities give teens the sense of vacation autonomy they need. Dole out a daily budget for souvenirs and whatnot, and tell your teen they can keep whatever money they don’t spend.

BFF Co-Travelers

If your budget (and patience) can bear it, let your teen bring their bestie along for the ride. Teens tend to be tenderhearted creatures that can get mighty pouty when deprived of their friends. Allowing your teen to bring along a friend may turn them into a model citizen on their best behavior for the duration of your vacation. Be aware of your teen’s whereabouts at all times, but do arrange to give them their space, too. Almost-grown kids hate being treated like little kids, advise travel gurus at Skyscanner travel magazine.

Travel is one of the most educational experiences a parent can offer to their teen. Not everyone has a chance to see the world as an adult. Kids who travel with their parents get a head start on cultural understanding as well-rounded human being.

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