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The 4S in Dengue Prevention

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Due to the national dengue outbreak, the Department of Health announced 4S in dengue prevention to the public. They are trying to educate the public on how to prevent a dengue outbreak in our places.

The 4S are as follows:

  • Search and Destroy (Search and destroy mosquito breeding sites.)
  • Self-protection Measures (Use insect repellants daily and wear light-colored clothes, long sleeves, and long pants.)
  • Seek early consultation. (Seek early consultation at the nearest health care facility once signs and symptoms are manifested.)
  • Say YES only to fogging only during outbreaks. (Support fogging, spraying and misting only in hotspot areas where increases in cases are registered two consecutive weeks to prevent an impending outbreak.)

Last Friday, I discussed the 4S together with the dengue symptoms to my Grade 4 class during MAPEH. After discussing, we had a gardening session wherein the students planted citronella plants near their rooms.

The girls planting their citronella plant.

The boys planting their citronella plant.

Posing with their citronella plant.

Posing with their citronella plant.

After planting, we took a break. Then we continued with our lessons. As for the citronella plants, I told my class that we are going to take care of it until it grows big. This way the mosquitos will be repelled far away from the school. The other graders will plant theirs as well. The entire school is in a joint effort in fighting and preventing dengue outbreak in the barangay.


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