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The Bad Cop, The Good Cop, and The Safety of The Community

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When my children were younger, the preschool teachers taught them about the community helpers. These community helpers, just like what the name suggests, are here to help the community – us. These are the teachers, the doctors, the firemen, the postman, the cops, and many more. We introduce these people to our children as someone we can trust and ask for help.

But the problem is… what if these community helpers betray our trusts? What then? How are we going to tell the children about this?

For me, being a mother of three, I don’t want to be the bringer of gloom and doom to my children. BUT I want them to know the realities of this world. There are those who are meant to really help and there are those, not all but a few, who do bad things rather than good. And as much as possible, I want them to know that there are still good people in the world.

The Bad Cops

One example of community helpers gone bad are those police gone berserk, instead of keeping the innocent safe from drugs, they are the ones who sell them.

There are some policemen accepts bribery instead of implementing what it right.

And these are a few examples of those who have gone bad. This is the reality and this is the sad truth. There are rotten tomatoes in a bunch of good ones.

The Good Cops

But there is another truth, not all of them are bad cops, there are still good policemen out there to watch over and protect us. And there are those that make sure these bad policemen get punished for betraying the community’s trust and that is NCRPO Chief Brigadier General Guillermo Eleazar. He makes sure that the guilty get what they truly deserve.

Of course, I am not saying that only those on the top brass are doing what’s good, there are also from the lower ranks who are getting recognized for being good policemen at the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Some of the officers who recently received Medalya ng Sugatang Magiting (PNP Wounded Personnel Medal) are the following:

  • PO3 Christina Villanueva
  • PO1 Arman Cañezares
  • SPO1 Jerry Pascual
  • PO1 Jonathan Peralta
  • PO1 Marino Dulagan
  • PO1 Leo Mar Orence.

And here are some of those who received Medalya ng Kagalingan:

  • Police Chief Inspector Sandie Caparroso
  • Police Chief Inspector Alfonso Saligumba III
  • SPO2 Emilio ABoyolen
  • PO3 Mario Maramag
  • PO2 Marlon Ico
  • PO2 Raymund John Sansano
  • PO1 Eustaquio Nuarin II
  • PO1 Francis Miko Bose
  • PO1 Rodel Sibal
  • PO1 Marvin Fang-asan
  • PO1 Roy Uanan
  • PO1 Eddie-son Galpao.

The Safety of The Community

Because of people like them, I can still hold on to the hope that there are still true community helpers surrounding us. These are the people who will try to keep the community safe. If people like NCRPO Chief Brigadier General Guillermo Eleazar continue to exists, I am assured that the rotten tomatoes will continually be separated from the good ones. And the good ones prosper and reward for their awesome deeds.

As for my children, I always tell them that we can still trust our policemen here in the Philippines. There are still those who uphold the truth in the Philippine National Police. Just like what Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” I am glad that the good men of PNP are still doing what is expected of them. Rest assured, evil will not triumph, bad cops will not linger.

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