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The Best of the Bests at the Fam-O-Lympics


The Manila Ocean Park and Crispy Fry Breading Mix team up to present Fam-O-Lympics to promote engaging sports and memorable family bonding activities to Filipino families this summer. A series of outdoor challenges tests the dexterity, wit, stamina and team work of six (6) teams/families or a total of 24 participants to vie for the most coveted Championship title. As early as 10:00 AM, throngs of families troop to the Manila Ocean Park to witness the opening ceremonies enliven by young talents led by the Ramon Magsaysay High School Band. The main competition begins in the afternoon, where players undergo three (3) rounds of various competitions to spot the best among the rest.

Christine Mae Castillo confesses that joining the Fam-O-Lympics is her idea and she is happy to see that her husband and kids are enjoying their quality time together. Arcturus, the head of the Catbagan family shares that their team strategy is very discreet, each one knows what the other is thinking, which allows them to gain more confidence in tackling each obstacle. Everybody believe that team work is very important in this competition. Each member has a valuable contribution as each game requires different sets of skills and capabilities. In fact, the youngest contestant Laura Mae Lim proves to be very competitive in trying to conquer her matches.

In the end, Team 4 wins the Fam-O-Lympics. Remoly Ortega recounts what has been their winning strategy, “The ‘buddy system’ that we formed among ourselves became handy in selecting the person or pair to best represent the team in each challenge. They also made me their team leader and I could not ask for more because all of them put their hearts and minds in accomplishing each task. Last but not the least, we prayed for safety, guidance and to win the Fam-O-Lympics.”

All teams receive cash (the grand prize amounting to PhP 15,000), tickets to Manila Ocean Park Attractions, overnight accommodations at Hotel H2o and other gifts from the sponsors.

Other families also take part in games, parenting talks, cooking demonstrations and story telling that the event sponsors organize at the Concourse area of the Manila Ocean Park. One such activity is Crispy Fry’s 2 Minutes to Cash: Fried Chicken Eating Contest, which is a welcome treat to kids young and old. Winners received up to PhP 5,000 pesos in cash and products bags from Crispy Fry.

Fam-O-Lympics is presented by Manila Ocean Park and Crispy Fry Breading Mix. Manila Ocean Park is the all-season holiday destination within the city and is home to 10,000 marine life species indigenous to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. On the other hand, Crispy Fry Breading Mix is a product of Ajinomoto that guarantees the crispiness and yumminess of fried chicken; it comes in three variants – original, garlic and spicy.

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