When Your Best is Not Enough


It would be nice to say that life as a Christian is easy and that you have nothing to worry about, but you know that’s not the truth. There are days that you feel like even when you try the hardest that you can try, it’s not enough. You feel beaten down and that at any given moment, you might crumble and go to pieces. Breathe. You are human. Sit down for a moment and let your mind find peace.


First things first: tell God exactly how you feel. Find a quiet spot by yourself and talk to Him like you would talk to your best friend or your spouse, being upfront and straightforward. Tell Him how you feel and why you feel this way. Hold nothing back and say a long, honest prayer.

  • Do you need additional inspiration? Resources at The Way International can boost your spirituality and get you feeling back on track. Sometimes an extra nudge is all you need to start feeling whole again.
  • Be all right with your emotions. Breaking down is only a sign that you’ve been strong for long enough. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotion you’re feeling, even if it’s an ugly one. God sees into everyone’s heart regardless of trying to hide from Him.
  • Do this every single day. Even if it’s for five minutes of your day, allow yourself to unload on God and feel all the human emotions that you aren’t allowing yourself to feel. He’s here for you.

Seek Help

Prayer is powerful on its own, but there are other tools to help you when you feel down on yourself and your life as you wait for God to give you an answer. Turn to others who can help you through this time of crisis.

  • Who do you love and trust the most in the world? A friend, a relative? Your significant other? When you need advice, turn to those people. Ask the ones closest to you for their guidance and words of wisdom as you navigate through your trials.
  • Look at what your church has to offer, like counseling sessions with the pastor. There might also be group therapy sessions or other services during the week like Alcoholics Anonymous and Abuse Survivors Anonymous.
  • Are you comfortable confiding in a stranger? Professional therapy might be your best option if you feel like your problem is bigger than you can handle. Look into your insurance and see what is offered, and check into your workplace’s employee assistance program as well. They oftentimes will offer one to three free therapy sessions.
  • If all else fails and you are not comfortable talking to someone, write your feelings down. A journal is a healthy way to expel your emotions without having to say a word.

As a Christian, others seem to think that you glide through life on a magic cloud, but you and others know that’s not true. Let yourself feel and come to terms with your frustrations in life. You are not perfect and nobody is. Take a moment alone with God each day to help get back to normal.

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