This Year is Going to be Different

My 2010 may not be all well because of the many unfortunate happenings in my life, but I have claimed and prayed to God that my New Year in 2011 will be so much different and so much better.

Yep, I am hopeful and waiting upon God’s miracle that my personal life and my family life will be blissful and more prosperous.

As I await how God will unfold the happenings of my life for this year, I have made some plans. One plan is to get back into shape. I have yet to really get serious on any weight loss regimen, but this is one area of my life that I want to fix.

Another thing is to find more opportunities for expansion. These could be learning or earning opportunities. If I can’t find opportunities, then I will create them. I know this is a powerful statement but I need a vision for my life. And that is a good mission statement.

I also want to have better and tighter rein on my finances. I would like to be able to avoid those payday loans that I make with friends whenever I am short. I am claiming that my earnings would be enough to support my family and still have something to spill over. I am claiming that we will no longer be in lack and be free of debt.

I have also made a commitment to live my life and to let live. If things do not go my way or work to my favor, I will just shrug them off and move on. I will no longer cry over spilt milk. After all, it seems that I no longer have tears to shed. Even my tear ducts have already dried up. So I will just focus my energies on positive things so that I will no longer have any regrets.

All these things I claim in the might Name of Jesus, Amen!

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