Tips on How To sing Good


I want to share a two (2) short tips on how to sing and hopefully, if you are into singing, this will motivate you and help you to pursue this great hobby.

But before we go to that, first things first and I want you to take this off your mind that those great singers are born with it. Well, there is a big chance that it is, but let me tell you this, everyone can sing. It is a talent, sure but it is a talent that everyone have. All we got to do is enhance and improve your singing.

Now here are a couple of tips on how to sing good.

1. Listen to the pros and copy them. It is not illegal to copy your favorite artist’s style. As a matter of fact, many famous singers today started by copying their idol. Take The Beatles for example, they loved Elvis Presley but they eventually got their own style. Same with 9 Inch Nails, they adore The Beatles but they have their own genre and style in music.

2. Practice and take lessons. It does not have to be a serious lessons. Take a couple for a few hours. All you need are the basics like the proper breathing, diction, warm ups and that’s it. Next is consistent practice. Practice makes perfect, yes it over used but its true.

If you read more tips online, you will basically come back to the two mentioned above. It basically covers most of them. So, my advise is to take action, practice and sing.


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