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Unique Stroller for Moms with Young Kids

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I am so thankful that the age gap between my children is considerably big because they didn’t have to contend with the use of the stroller. By the time my middle child was born, my eldest was already walking sturdily and could not be contained in a stroller anymore so my son had the stroller all to himself. The same thing with my youngest since there is about 6 or 7 years between her and my only son.

Now though, parents who have kids which are still too young to walk by themselves have the luxury of choosing strollers which can accommodate two kids at once. I’m talking about baby jogger city select stroller which has a seat, bassinet and car seat that can be mixed and matched so the stroller can be customized into 16 one-of-a-kind combination.

This is great news for parents out there especially since kids of balk at the idea of having to walk long distances like in shopping malls or amusement parks. Parents, too, will love this kind of stroller because it is an able helper to them.

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