Unusual Day for Us


Today was very unusual day for us as a family. It is our first Saturday together in our new home. My husband and my children woke up around 8am, a little bit early than the usual wake up time during weekends which is normally 11am to 12nn. After breakfast, my husband set out to do his mission which is to install the electrical wirings for the air conditioner unit and the refrigerator. My children went out and play at the streets for the second time while my Mom was busy arranging some of our clothes. And as for me, I was busy searching for candle sconces online. Everyone was occupied that even at lunch we were not able to eat together at one table.

It is unusual because we really don’t wake that up very early during weekends. Aside from that, it’s not that normal for my children to play outside the house. What is much unusual was that my hubby did not leave the house the whole day! He installed the electrical wirings, played his guitar and watched Lord of the Rings movie marathon with us the whole evening. Isn’t that strange?

Anyway, I just felt funny about what happened. Not in my everyday life do I cherish such moments but God has given me the privilege to enjoy it today and I am really thankful for that! Oh well, I need to rest now. My hubby is asking for a time with my PC. He wants to play DOTA All Stars. Since he has been a really good man to me today (*giggles*), I am giving my PC to him for the taking. So…good night guys!

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  • Mommy J

    Here’s hoping you’ll have more days like this one!

    Happy weekend Mommy Ruby. I just saw the baby’s ticker…you only have a little over a month before the little angel makes an appearance…woo hooo…

    Mommy J

  • admin

    Yes, very unusual but would love to have more of these. 😀

    I have a little over a month but I think I will explode sooner than the expected. I guess the angel is already prepared for her arrival but only the parent’s aren’t in financial terms. LMAO!

  • antonette

    I’m glad that everything seems to work fine with you and hubby, i wish you all the best in your new place, just enjoy the unusual things. ate an2nette

  • Nortehanon

    Nothing really compares to family togetherness especially on weekends, when you can spend time just doing the things that you all enjoy. Glad that it was a great weekend for you.

    By the way, I have already replied to your email. Sorry for the delay.

  • nisha

    A new place means new chances to explore! i understand how enthusiastic the kids might have been and the parents occupied and tired. Wish you loads of everything you wish for in this time, esp the last month of your pregnancy. I was in all smiles reading the whole post and the last few lines got me giggling too! :-))

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