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Want a Flip Mino Video Camera? I DO!!


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To be honest, grabbing opps lately is becoming very hard for me. Unlike last May 2008, I was able to grab several tasks within a day. Now, there are days and even weeks that I have ZERO tasks. So, I decided into venturing in another legal way of putting a few bucks or even gadgets on my pocket or bag. I started joining contests!! Yup, after my recently concluded “birthday bash,” I started searching for other cool blog contests and here is one of those that I have found that I think it’s very COOL to join. Here are the details:

Once again wordpressthemedesigner.com brings to you another exciting contest! Get a chance to win the trendiest gadget that has been rocking the blogging world – the Flip Mino Video Camera. This contest is graciously sponsored by the best Affiliate Network in the planet, Market Leverage.How to Join:

Step 1: Subscribe to the Feed – click here! *compulsory

Step 2: Blog About This Contest *compulsory

(a) Copy and Paste Contest Details >> click here for html code <<

(b) optional: add a paragraph or two containing any of the ff suggested topics: (1) why you think wpthemedesigner.com rocks! (2) why you think marketleverage.com is the best affiliate network in the planet (3) why you want to win this contest.

Total: 10 points

Additional Points

Sign-up for Market Leverage under WPTD. If you have not joined Market Leverage yet, then joining this contest would be the most opportune time to do so. Besides, you get a higher chance of winning this contest. What could be better than that, huh? Click Here, you will be automatically redirected to the sign-up page. I will be able to verify it, so no worries.

Bonus: 5 points

Contest Prizes

1st Place – Flip Mino Video Camera
2nd place – $100 ML Reward
3rd place – $50 ML Reward

Contest Ends on August 17, 2008. Each point counts as your name being put down once in a randomizer using random.org.

So, if having a Flip Mino Video Camera excites you (just the way it made me), I suggest you ran over to wordpressthemedesigner.com and get some entries!!

Good luck to us!!



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Jerla Oh lalala August 13, 2008 - 11:13 am

your not alone… same here hehehhe that’s because a lot of members are online and waiting for task so the more people one the same site would make the network connection slower… sad though

ChiQ M. August 13, 2008 - 1:19 pm

Your entry is good and counted 🙂 thanks for joining!


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