What Will I Do If I Win $100?

This is my official entry to Noel and Levi’s Thanksgiving Giveaway.

So the question is: “What will you do if you will win $100?

Answer: My daughter Bella Grace who will be turning 9 months old this coming June 23 has a hernia. She needs surgery to close the linings of her muscles so that her intestines won’t protrude down near her private part. A surgery is needed to prevent strangulation of her intestines because it will cut off blood circulation to the tissue and may cause health problems and abnormalities. Since the doctor advised us to prepare 35 to 40 thousand pesos for the surgery, my husband and I decided to do a little fund raising. We will save any little thing we can so that we will get Bella her surgery soon. So, if I win this contest, the money will be saved towards Bella’s surgery fund.

Please leave your precious comments and help us win $100 for Bella’s Surgery Fund!

  1. vernz
  2. Mommy Dharlz
  3. Dubster
  7. bonz
  8. Paula
  9. wena
  10. kikamz
  11. Tetcha
  12. Mylene
  13. Bams
  14. jona
  15. rj's mama
  16. Clarissa
  17. Ellen Joy
  18. EihdraG
  19. Willa
  20. Badet
  21. Maricar
  22. Cacai M.
  23. Jona
  24. mommy leng
  25. Sherry
  26. iamronel
  27. EihdraG
  28. blankpixels
  29. pibyang
  30. Chris
  31. melcole
  32. Clarissa
  33. Elvz

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