Winners of the PM Blog Network’s Giveaway!

I know that you have been waiting for the announcement of winners for the PM Blog Network’s Giveaway. So today, I am going to announce who are the lucky nominated bloggers who won a free DOT COM domain and wordpress hosting for one year!

But before that, please be advised that there will be four winners, two nominated bloggers will win one free DOT COM domain and wordpress hosting package for one year and the person who nominated them will win the same prize too. Yay!!

And now, the nominated bloggers who will get a free DOT COM domain and wordpress hosting package are:

MONA of Working at Home
CEEMEE of Cazzapoeia

So therefore, the bloggers who nominated them will also get the same prize are:

HAZEL of Pink Memoirs
Chris of The Miscellaneous Me

And since no bloggers nominated as many as they could. The cash prize is forfeited. 🙁 But don’t worry, my THANKSGIVING GIVEAWAY is about to start and you can win lots of cash prizes there!!

So to all the winners, please use my CONTACT form to send me an email of your desired DOT COM domain name. Congratulations to all our winners!!!

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19 thoughts on “Winners of the PM Blog Network’s Giveaway!

  1. hey there sis, i would like to give you the stylish blogger award, here’s the details:

    have a great week ahead:) congrats!

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