Winners to be Announced Soon!!

Finally! My Thanksgiving Giveaway has come to its end. Thank you very much to my sponsors who helped me made this giveaway possible and also to all the participants who made this a success!! Thank you very much from the bottommost pit of my heart!! God bless you all!!

Now, I am in the process of counter validating all entries if they have followed the mechanics properly before their names will be listed for our MANUAL RAFFLE!! Yes, that is right!! I am not using but I am going to have a manual raffle and my children will draw the winners!! Don’t worry because all of you will see how the drawing of winners is done. I will be posting a video of it!! So stay tuned!!

  1. shydub
  2. BlogGirl.Us
  3. Pinx
  4. jared's mum
  5. yan
  6. darly
  7. Veronica
  8. ladymishel
  9. Pinay Mama
  10. Nina
  11. dothy
  12. Hyanne
  13. Willa
  14. ellen
  15. phebie
  16. Carol
  17. Mona
  18. shengkay
  19. Gene
  20. supermommyjem
  21. Willa

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