WordPress Themes??

One of the best things when you are blogging with WordPress is that you get to browse hundreds of free themes online. Though it’s really nice to see beautiful themes with multi-functionality, but just to be honest…I am a little frustrated here! I couldn’t find the perfect base theme for my blog. 🙁

If I hire somebody to make one for me, that would be utterly so expensive. So, any of you guys could help me? I have seen almost every FREE WordPress themes online. Do any of you have an idea where I can get nice base themes? I would love to have something like this but I could put another space on top of my sidebars. Well, I have seen some but they don’t have the author link, category links and date. Some have a very crowded footer. I am looking for a simple, cute and ad space optimized theme.
Leave a comment here please.

Thanks in advance! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “WordPress Themes??

  1. helow mommy. congrats!
    ive been trying to access your blogshaven kso d ko maopen eh 🙁 i hope i can talk to you soon. hehehe, sensya na, makulit.

  2. hello po ate….
    mmmm sa palagay ko po matutulungan po kita…
    sa bagay na yan…
    gusto po kitang tulungan ate…
    usap po tayo through YM ate pede po…
    ad me nalng po… po…
    wait ko po kayo ^_~…

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