1. shydub says:

    Madali lng pala mars ano, nabasa ko nga kay kaye na steps din. sayang yung dati kong follower na 115+ andun na sa new blog ko kasi ni revamp ko yung dati. Thanks for the tutorial anyway.

  2. bev says:

    thanks sa tut n to mommy rubz…natransfer ko n ung GFC ko to my new WP blog…thank you! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. avs says:

    Curious lang ko, what made u decide to change host? 🙂 I have a wp, kaso murag mahal man ila hosting, pero murag nindot jud pud didto. thanks.

  4. Mona says:

    thanks for sharing mommy rubs 🙂 🙂

  5. mommy jes says:

    wow un pla yun!! wahahahha lab yu sister! 🙂

  6. Shydub says:

    Hi Marz thanks for the tutorial. im using it now importing my sister blog to wp. thank you so much

  7. Colleen@FortySomethingBride says:

    Thanks so much. It worked and was easy to do!

  8. genny says:

    huhuhu….kung nabasa kol lang ito before i importmy blog to wordpress. delete ko na ung blogspot blog ko. back to zero ako. tsk tsk tsk

  9. Janet says:

    I have finally done this. Hehehe. This page was on my browser for a few days. Thanks for this tutorial. I have now transfer my blogger GFC to wordpress.

  10. Arlene says:

    Mommy aha na akong comment?

    Btw, just want to say thank u very muich! i got it perfectly awright! Ur sooo damn good!

  11. wow this is really a helpful post. you can called a wordpress guru:-)

  12. Katherine says:

    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much I thought I’d lost all 1530 followers!!!!!!!

  13. nuts says:

    thanks mommy rubz. i just transfered my followers to my new site.. yay!

  14. Hello! Just giving you the heads up that I’m going to use this post as a blog tip during my Creative Bloggers’ Party & Hop on Sunday, May 22nd. Please feel free to join our blog party by then 🙂

  15. heidi says:

    so i did everythingto a T and when i viewed my new page, i see the HTML, not the picture of followers…HELP!

  16. I did your steps but the code didn’t display right.
    don’t know what I did wrong.


  17. wena says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Rubz!!!! i love u talaga dami-dami mong helpful hints and tips! :-*

  18. MommyRubz, thank you so much for this helpful guide.

  19. Pinx says:

    wow!!! you are a genius mommy Rubz! or it just goes to show na di ako nage-explore… hahaha! thanks for this! got my GFC followers already! galing!!!

  20. tzmlt says:

    thanks ye…:) puas dh sy cari cara2 nk buat ni..skang dh brjya.:)

  21. Heidi says:


  22. Mys says:

    Thanks mommy rubz… I now have a GFC widget!

  23. I followed your directions, which were great and easy to understand! Thank you.
    But my posts from my new domain name are not showing up in the dashboard of my followers. Is there a “wait time” on this or should it happen automatically? Thanks for any further help here.

  24. Jasmin says:

    I’m planning to move my blog (blogspot) to wordpress. Glad you have some tips to share. This is definitely a great help for us. Thanks for this.

  25. Thank you very very much. It was so easy to follow your instructions. I thaught this couldn´t be done…thanks again

  26. Kathie says:

    Thanks so so much for this!

  27. Nan says:

    Hi –
    Just saw this tutorial. I am on blogger and have started up the Linky Followers gadget but I’d like to move all my followers from Google Friend Connect onto Linky Followers. Is that possible?

    Thanks so much!

  28. zoan says:

    naku ngayon ko lang to nakita bawal na si GFC sa wordpress blogs dba?

  29. Jaimie says:

    Thank you for sharing this!! I was SO worried about migrating over to WordPress (have not done it yet). Do you think it is worth it? This inspired me to get started.

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